The Absolute Sound Guide to Vinyl Playback - 2012

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The Absolute Sound Guide to Vinyl Playback-2012 is an online buyer’s guide that helps audiophiles and music lovers choose among the latest high-performance turntables, cartridges, tonearms, phonostage preamplifiers, vinyl accessories, and terrific-sounding LPs.

This Guide includes:

•The Absolute Sound Editor’s Top Picks for turntables, tonearms, phono cartridges, and phono preamplifiers.
•Fifteen (15) Expert Reviews of Turntables.
•Twelve (12) Full-Length Reviews of Phono Cartridges.
•Seven (7) Expert Reviews of Phono Preamplifiers.
•On The Horizon—twelve (12) capsules of promising analog gear about to be released.
•The Ten Most Significant Turntables of All Time—a look back at ten turntables that help explain the enduring popularity of vinyl playback.
•Behind the Scenes At Mobile Fidelity—learn what makes this legendary label’s vinyl reissues sound so good.
•The 100 Best-Sounding Vinyl Records—the TAS team recommends recordings that offer the unbeatable combination of great music and superb sound quality.
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