The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Vinyl Playback - 2011

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The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Vinyl Playback is a comprehensive online buyer’s guide that helps audiophiles and music lovers choose among the latest high-performance turntables, cartridges, tonearms, phonostage preamplifiers, and vinyl accessories.

This Guide includes:

•Twelve (12) expert reviews of great sounding turntables from $395 to $75,000
•Twelve (12) full reviews of phono cartridges at all price ranges
•Ten (10) expert reviews of phonostages, including tubed, hybrid, & solid-state units
•Highlights with photos of promising analog products about to be introduced
•Our top picks of tonearms, vinyl accessories, & LPs
•Feature articles on vinyl, including jazz reissues, the 100 best sounding LPs, & more
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