The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Preamplifiers and Power Amplifiers - 2011

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The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Preamplifiers & Power Amplifiers is a comprehensive online buyer’s guide that helps audiophile’s and music lovers choose among the latest separate preamplifiers and power amplifiers, from tube to solid-state on through to hybrids units.

The Guide includes:

Four must read articles from the staffs of The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+:
- “The Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time”
- “The Ten Most Significant Amplifier in European History”
- “Editors’ Choice: Preamplifiers”
- “Editors’ Choice: Power Amplifiers”
Expert reviews of 38 Preamplifiers & Power Amplifiers:
- 13 Pre/Power Amp Combinations
- 4 Standalone Preamplifiers
- 8 Standalone Power Amplifiers
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