Zanden Dealer Event in Falls Church, VA

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Zanden Dealer Event in Falls Church, VA

The following is a press release issued by Command Performance AV.

March 28, 2016 - Command Performance in Falls Church, Virginia welcomes Kazutoshi Yamada and Eric Pheils of Zanden Audio for a special event on Saturday April 9th from Noon until 5 pm. Mr. Yamada and Mr. Pheils will publically premier Zanden’s flagship electronics: the MK.II versions of the Model 9600 KR845 monoblocks amps and the Model 3000 preamplifier. They will also demonstrate the Model 1200 MK.III phone stage, Model 120 phono stage, Model 3100 preamp, and the Model 8120 stereo amp.  Refreshments will be served.  Command Performance is located at 115 Park Avenue, Suite #2 in Falls Church, VA.

Please RSVP at 703 532-7239 or by E-mail to