XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

News doesn't get much better than this! Elusive Disc, Inc recently announced its appointment as the exclusive distributor of the JVC XRCD product line for North America. They assumed operations in November of 2006. With the help of former JVC employee Kevin Berg, the Elusive Disc staff, has been able to restore XRCD operations in the USA to their previous levels and beyond.  Always Elusive Discs’ best selling digital format by a margin of 4 to 1 they currently have 100's of titles to choose from with more on the way.  Additionally, Elusive Disc has created the Audio Wave label to release the discs. For many audiophiles the XRCD process, is still considered the gold standard of 16-bit/44kHz technology.  The first wave of discs will be a series of classic jazz Blue Notes  to be followed by are an ever expanding selection of  classical, other jazz, and pop/rock. Alan Yoshida continues on at the helm handling the digital mastering duties. Joe Harley will be producing and selecting Blue Note titles. Not all will mirror the Music Matters LP releases, but the first four will. They are :

Horace Parlan: Speakin' My Piece
Tina Brooks: True Blue
Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin'
Hank Mobley: Soul Station

The dedicated should also check out the audiowavemusic.com website for a Blue Note subscription where as a bonus the 25th Blue Note title is free. And be sure to look for Wayne Garcia's full and comprehensive coverage and reviews in an upcoming TAS.

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