WyWires Introduces Red Series Headphone Cables

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WyWires Introduces Red Series Headphone Cables

Van Nuys, CA, USA - March 21, 2014.  WyWires, manufacturer of custom audio connection solutions, announces their new Red Series premium headphone cables. Designed to liberate audio signals from the adverse characteristics of stock conduit, this all-new series provides an instant upgrade to reference headphones.

Continuing the success of their Platinum, Gold, Silver and Blue lines, the Red Series extends WyWires design principles into the high-performance headphone market. The Red Series' focus on maximum conductivity and low dielectric constant yields significant improvements in transient-rise time while reducing the frequency loss occurred with traditional cable windings. As with all WyWires solutions, each cable is custom-built by hand after a personalized customer consultation.  

The Red Series' physical design was engineered with regard to optimum weight, flex and texture for unobtrusive use. Free of excessive mass and unnecessary materials, each provides the headphone with a sonic upgrade without adversely affecting established ergonomics.

"We recognized the opportunity to enhance reference headphones with our acoustical expertise and customized approach," noted Alex Sventitsky, "Thanks to years of development and exhaustive testing, headphone enthusiasts can experience the immersive, musical quality WyWires customers have been raving about."

Red Series highlights:

  • All-new design created exclusively for reference headphones
  • Hand-crafted in the USA based on a personalized, 1 to 1 consultation
  • Up to 4x the conductivity of stock cables without adding unwanted mass
  • Reduces capacitance that causes time-delay smearing and transient masking
  • Reduces signal cross-talk for a deep, immersive soundstage
  • Terminates to common source connectors: ¼", ⅛", 3-pin XLR, balanced 4-pin XLR
  • Standard 5 foot cable with additional lengths & extensions available upon request
  • Available with connections for Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800; Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC; HiFiMAN HE-4, HE-6, HE-300, HE-400, HE-500; JPS Labs Abyss

Red Series headphone cables will debut at the 2014 SoCal Head-Fi event on March 22nd, and are available for direct purchase now from WyWires, starting at $299.99.

About WyWires
WyWires designs and builds customized solutions for the discerning audio lover. Over eight years of research and empirical testing led to the development of the acclaimed Silver Series, which revolutionized the air dielectric Litz wire design. The WyWires lineup includes digital interfaces, power distribution, speaker cables as well as analog interconnections for hi-fi enthusiasts.