Wyred 4 Sound Releases New Powerful Amplifier, The SX-1000R

Solid-state power amplifiers
Wyred 4 Sound Releases New Powerful Amplifier, The SX-1000R

The following is a press release issued by Wyred 4 Sound.

ATASCADERO, CA | Aug 2016 - Wyred 4 Sound is pleased to announce the SX-1000R, the evolution of the multi-award-winning SX-1000 amplifier and Wyred 4 Sound’s most powerful amplifier. The SX-1000R can produce peaks in excess of 625W with 8Ω loads and 1225W with 4Ω loads. The new R version distinguishes itself with an improved input board, WBT nextgen™ binding posts and new custom case color: Anthracite Gray. Black is also available.

“The SX-1000R is a clear improvement over the original SX-1000,” notes Tony Holt, Marketing Director for Wyred 4 Sound. “We’re proud of the updated input board and how it really elevates the amp’s sound in terms of both refinement and involvement. A tremendous amount of time was spent optimizing the front end for frequency response, distortion and performance. Additionally, the input impedance was raised to 91kΩ (vs 60.4kΩ on the original SX-1000) to ensure a synergistic match with both solid state and tubed components.”

The fully-balanced SX-1000R is available for purchase from the Wyred 4 Sound website and soon from dealers. Retail price is $1499 each, but for a limited time it is being offered for $1199 each, the price of the original SX-1000.

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