Woo Audio WA 22 Headphone Amplifier (Playback 43)

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Woo Audio WA 22 Headphone Amplifier
Woo Audio WA 22 Headphone Amplifier (Playback 43)

Headphones have attracted increased interest in the past decade, spurred on by a number of factors including the transition of music to computer-based storage (iPods, laptops and desktops) and the expansion of open-plan office designs. And while headphones have always been capable of very high fidelity, an expanding market has brought forth new models and new electronics to support these new models. The variety of headphone amplifiers now available in today’s market rival and may even exceed the number of high-quality headphone models. Recognizing the choices now available, I wanted to bring readers a look at one of the top-tier competitors in the headphone amplifier space, the Woo Audio WA22.

About Woo Audio and the WA22

Founded by Jack Wu, Woo Audio is a New York based firm that focuses on building high performance headphone amplifiers (all of which are vacuum tube-powered designs), along with headphone related accessories. Woo headphone amps start at $495 and range on up to $4990. Following a business model that is fairly commonly seen in the headphone world, Woo is not only a manufacturer but also a reseller for three select brands of headphones: Beyerdynamic, Grado, and Stax.