Weather Report: Heavy Weather

Album review
Weather Report: Heavy Weather

Weather Report

Heavy Weather

Label: Original Recordings Group
Media: LP
Genre: Jazz

Where some album titles seem like an afterthought, Heavy Weather and its surreal cover art match the music perfectly. Less groove-oriented and more atmospheric than previous Weather Report records, it sounds like the soundtrack to a movie where, to borrow the first words of an otherwise-forgotten novel, it was a dark and stormy night. As such, it makes sense that the mix is dense and even, at times, deliberately cluttered. With its decision to remaster and reissue this classic on 180- gram 45rpm vinyl, ORG clearly took on a project where artifice wins out over a more natural sound. Though the original recording retains its own appeal, the ORG is decidedly better, and—this is no small thing—the improvements are in the spirit of the original. The highs are clearer, the bass more natural, and the music has more room to breathe. The difference is especially pronounced on “Havona,” where the weather is more turbulent than ever; the interplay among the musicians (and there’s a whole lot of it) is much sharper, and you can feel the excitement of a band that suddenly experiences a new burst of energy. 

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  • primary artist, Weather Report
  • LP

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