VPI Industries Launches World's First Lifestyle Vinyl Playback System

VPI Industries Launches World's First Lifestyle Vinyl Playback System

Cliffwood, NJ, December 10, 2013 – VPI Industries, the leader in vinyl playback systems and record cleaning technology, today announced the introduction of The Nomad, the world’s first vinyl playback lifestyle system that offers music lovers an affordable, upgradeable, and high performance point of entry into the world of vinyl. The system is compatible with home theater A/V receivers, sound bars and wireless digital tabletop components with analog inputs.

The Nomad is comprised of a 10-inch aluminum tonearm, and 20-pound plinth and platter assembly borrowed from VPI’s award-winning Traveler turntable, a pair of premium Grado headphones and a pre-installed Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge.The Nomad’s custom phono pre-amplifier and headphone amplifier are designed to maximize both the sound quality and modular design of the upgradeable system.

Designed to work with existing systems that might not otherwise have a turntable and phono pre-amplifier, The Nomad is ideal for consumers whose primary system is a home theater A/V receiver, sound bar or a tabletop wireless system with a pair of analog inputs.

Noted Mat Weisfeld, President of VPI Industries:  “The Nomad is a direct response to the double-digit sales growth over the past five years of new vinyl in both the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The tonearm takes advantage of the technology in our award-winning Traveler turntable and its gimbaled tonearm.”

“The Nomad is a radical departure for VPI -- even with the success of our entry-level Traveler turntable that opened our eyes to the demand for affordable high-end turntables among the 25-35 year-old demographic. The explosive growth of personal audio and the growing demand among consumers for premium headphones, convinced us that there was a need for a portable high-quality entry-level analog playback system that could work easily in college dorms, apartments, offices, and even vacation homes.”

The product was launched on Bloomberg Business Television as part of VPI Industries’ ongoing campaign to promote vinyl playback and to offer an affordable complete lifestyle analog playback system for music lovers.


The Nomad Vinyl Playback System will be available for sale in Q1 2014 through VPI’s select network of dealers including SoundStageDirect.com, MusicDirect.com, and AcousticSounds.com.

MSRP: $995.00

About VPI Industries

Based in Cliffwood, New Jersey, VPI Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end vinyl playback systems and record cleaning machines in the world with dealers in over 40 countries. Co-founded by Harry and Sheila Weisfeld in 1978, VPI Industries has remained as a family-run business for more than thirty-five years with their son, Mathew Weisfeld recently becoming President. The recipients of more than 37 industry awards including ‘Product of the Year’ for their best-selling TNT, HRX, and Classic turntables, VPI has received universal acclaim from both the enthusiast and mainstream press for their relentless pursuit of technical excellence and support for music education and future engineers in America’s schools. www.vpiindustries.com