Von Schweikert to Premiere Universe at Axpona

Von Schweikert to Premiere Universe at Axpona

Riverside, California, Feb 18, 2013. - Von Schweikert Audio Corp is pleased to announce the World Premiere of the UNIVERSE (code-named VR-100XS) Holographic Projection Speaker System in Chicago, March 8-10th 2013, at the Axpona Hi-Fi show at the O'Hare Doubletree Hilton Hotel. Please visit the Othello Room on the mezzanine floor to experience sound that will thrill you.

Partnering with YFS, a computer tech company who is presently building Cloud-Server-Class music computers, we have assembled a state-of-the-art music system to demonstrate where future technology is headed. If you have never heard a stereo system sound close to a live musical event, you should not miss this chance to experience the latest in holographic sound projection technology.

The UNIVERSE is a four-piece speaker system featuring two main towers with two outboard subwoofer modules. In addition to holographic sound projection, the VR-100XS also has built-in Room Bass Correction that eliminates the dips and peaks caused by boundary reflections in the deep bass range. This system has six Patents Pending, with every aspect of the design being unique.

• Twenty drivers, all using metal alloy construction with ceramic damping.
• Holographic Sound Field Projection driven by a point source array.
• Time Aligned and Phase Coherent driver array for correct image focus.
• Cardiod/Omni Radiation Pattern ensures complete surround capability.
• Single-Driver transient response replication offered by Servo Circuitry.
• Control of cabinet vibration ensured by Pat.Pend. Noise Cancellation.
• Elimination of room bass standing waves by Pressure Equalization.

The UNIVERSE will be driven by the following state-of-the-art equipment:

YFS Music Server model HD Ref-3 SE ($12,000 including remote tablet), Meitner EMM Labs DAC2X ($15,000), QXK Racks by Critical Mass Systems ($37,000), Ultra GT Silver Preamp by Purity Audio ($53,000), subwoofer and main woofer mono-block amplifiers by CIAudio ($4,500/pr), midrange/tweeter amplifier by KR Audio: Kronzilla SXi Mk2 ($21,000), diffusor panels by GIK Acoustics ($350 ea x 16pcs), line conditioning by PS Audio and EquiTech ($3,000) Special thanks to Master-Built Audio Cables for supplying their Signature Series at all points in the system, including the internal wiring of the UNIVERSE. See you in Chicago!

Albert Von Schweikert, C.D.E.
President, VSA Corp.

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