Von Schweikert Audio Introduces the UniField 2 MkIII

Von Schweikert Audio Introduces the UniField 2 MkIII

The following is a press release issued by Von Schweikert Audio.

California, USA | September 12, 2016 - Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to announce our newest loudspeaker, the UniField 2 MkIII. First introduced in 2006, the stand-mount designed UniField 2 has proven extremely popular. So much so, it’s earned the distinction of being the highest selling model of any Von Schweikert Audio design since its introduction.

The design concept for the UniField Line is about delivering the highest level of sonic performance and build quality in the smallest footprint for music lovers with limited space, making it ideal for metropolitan audiophiles or even those seeking a second system in their home. Not only does it enjoy a new cosmetic style, the UnField 2 MkIII is a dramatic improvement over its predecessors. Incorporating trickle down proprietary low-distortion network technology from our latest engineering breakthroughs with the new VSA flagship designs, this 3-way loudspeaker offers far superior clarity and tonality while delivering the full-range performance fans have come to expect from this line.

In production, the UniField 2 MkIII is shipping to stores now with an MSRP of $10,000/pr. For more information, please visit our website or contact your local dealer to arrange for a private audition.

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