Unboxing: Wireworld Platinum Eclipse Cable

Wire World Platinum Eclipse
Unboxing: Wireworld Platinum Eclipse Cable

In Issue 196 I reviewed the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse interconnect, the company’s latest flagship wire. I was impressed. In a nutshell, this is what I had to say about the Eclipse interconnect:

“There’s no shortage of puffery in the high-end, but Wireworld’s David Salz has designed and built an interconnect cable (an entire line actually) worthy of crowing about. In a turn-about from the industry standard–copper or silver/copper alloy–Platinum Eclipse opts for Ohno Continuous Cast silver conductors of greater than 99.99997% purity. Add the unique and proprietary carbon fiber connector shells with silver contacts and you have a cable which banishes the hypernatural sheen and brightness issues that have often plagued the use of silver wire. Sonics are fluid, naturalistic and exceptionally detailed yet organically rendered and so transparent you’ll simply forget they’re there.”

It was subsequently named to Editor’s Choice. Interested in how my system would react to a full (er, total?) Eclipse combination, Wireworld promptly obliged. Here is what arrived a week or so ago.

Here’s how Wireworld’s literature describes its proprietary design known as Diagonal DNA™ cable (Delineated Neutralizing Array). It “utilizes a unique geometric structure that employs a set of flat, parallel stacked conductors to optimize the electromagnetic coupling between the two polarities. For the Platinum Eclipse speaker cables, this parallel array consists of a set of 18 flat conductors precisely stacked diagonally within a ‘monolithic’ cable structure, which has a flat overall outer profile and has no open internal space whatsoever and very high rigidity, drastically reducing the capacity for movement between the conductor sets. Each of the flat conductors is composed of a parallel group of six solid silver strands encased in high density polyethylene. This special configuration creates an ideal signal path, free of the inductive electromagnetic field effects that filter the signal in conventional cable designs."

Platinum Eclipse is available in standard, biwired, and even triwired configurations with silver-clad spade lugs or tubular banana plug terminations. Silver-clad locking banana plugs are also available as an upgrade.

Its currently in a system with the new Magico V2 and Plinius Hiato integrated amplifier. I'll post some preliminary impressions soon. Look for these all these reviews in forthcoming issues.

Price: $16,400 (US retail) for a standard 2-1/2 meter pair; $3000 per meter pair for RCA interconnect. www.wireworldcable.com