Unboxing: KEF Reference 203/2 Loudspeaker

KEF Reference 203/2
Unboxing: KEF Reference 203/2 Loudspeaker

An old anecdote says that things in life occur in threes. In audio, at least in recent days it’s been happening in twos. First the TAD CR1 loudspeaker a three-way stand mount with the triumphant beryllium coincident midrange/tweeter. And now just weeks later I’m unpacking the new KEF Reference 203/2, a three-way floorstander with–you guessed it–a coincident midrange-tweeter. Drivers like these are rare birds in audio. Expensive to develop and difficult to execute and produce properly. I’d literally gone a few years without having heard one and now in just a short span of about a month I’m listening to two. Go figure. Well not quite listening–I’ve just hooked them up but here is pictorial of the KEF unboxing. Enjoy.

The 203/2 is a medium-proportioned floorstander in KEF’s prestigious Reference line, The three-way, bass reflex design uses the latest generation KEF Uni-Q coincident midrange/tweeter paired with a brace of  6.5** woofers. Sensitivity is a reasonable 89dB. The curved section cabinets are built of beech ply with heavy internal cavity bracing to match a specific volume for each driver. Crossover components are computer modeled for exacting phase and amplitude behavior and the boards are decoupled to isolate them from cabinet wall vibration and the high internal acoustic pressures. KEF’s own graded OFC cable is soldered by hand. The Uni-Balance feature provides adjustments to modulate bass output due to wall proximity while a four-position brightness control compensates for a room’s treble absorption characteristics. Price: $10,000 gloss finish; $9000 in satin. kef.com

 Check out this state of the art boxing. Is it any wonder the speakers arrived in perfect shape?

Tri-wire anyone?? Also note the low & high frequency adjustments