Toe-In By The Numbers

Toe-In By The Numbers

A few days ago I purchased an App for my iPod Touch called SpeakerAngle that was guaranteed to make setting up speakers a more accurate and less of a hit-or-miss affair. Released under the auspices of Genelec Speakers, the SpeakerAngle App was developed by Howard Massey whose company, AudioApps, also created MeasureAngle which performs a similar function with objects other than speakers.

The way SpeakerAngle works is quite simple. You merely place your iPod Touch or iPhone on the top of your speaker, line up the speaker and iPod so they are facing straight ahead and then reset the SpeakerAngle App to “zero” your settings. Then when you rotate the speaker, SpeakerAngle gives you the exact degree of toe-in. You can then replicate that angle on your other front speaker. SpeakerAngle works for stereo or surround set-ups, and I’ve already worked my way through the speakers in all of my room-based systems and made some minor adjustments based on SpeakerAngle’s information. None of my speakers positions were off by very much, but a few degrees here and there can make a difference.

Priced at the princely sum of $.99 it’s hard to fault SpeakerAngle. Anyone who sets up speakers more than once in a blue moon will find SpeakerAngle will save them time and make it easy to standardize and replicate speaker arrangements in new rooms.

For many audiophiles SpeakerAngle could be prove to be a must-have App, I know it is for me…