Tim "Too Slim" Langford: Broken Halo

Album review
Tim "Too Slim" Langford: Broken Halo

Tim "Too Slim" Langford

Broken Halo

Label: Underworld
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Normally fronting the incendiary Taildraggers, Tim “Too Slim” Langford has (for the first time in about ten years) slipped away for a one-man-band effort. Employing modern technology to back himself with various acoustic and electric instruments, he’s made sure the wait was worthwhile. More introspective in his solo guise, and drawn to darkness, Langford has a weathered voice uncannily reminiscent at times of Lyle Lovett’s, but less studied and less self-consciously ironic; conviction, soul and, when appropriate, sly wit inform his singing. The title tune rolls out a slinky blues- rock groove, as Langford picks slithering electric guitar lines and honks away on his harp while harmonizing with himself in extolling the irresistible charms virtues of a fallen woman. He has some fun with a love-for-hire theme in the suggestive, lowdown blues of “Dollar Girl,” whereas the instrumental “Princeville Serenade,” with its cheerily strummed ukulele complemented by a lilting slide uke, is a pastoral, soothing interlude—a gentle, lovely and (dare it be said?) sweet theme-with-variations that brings a bit of light to Broken Halo’s shadowland. The sonics’ medium-cool ambience and Slim’s close-miked vocals put him right there in the room. 

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  • primary artist, Tim "Too Slim" Langford
  • CD

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