TIDAL Audio GmbH Launches New High-End Audio Brand: VIMBERG

TIDAL Audio GmbH Launches New High-End Audio Brand: VIMBERG

June 28, 2018 - TIDAL Audio GmbH, designer and manufacturer of premium high-end audio components is pleased to announce the creation of a new brand: VIMBERG™. The first two models in the range of launched products are 3-way loudspeakers ‘Mino’ and ‘Tonda’.

Jörn Janczak, CEO of TIDAL Audio GmbH states: “VIMBERG is our answer to the constantly asked question if we could design and build a more affordable model range, other than our ultra high-end brand TIDAL. The challenge was to offer ‘affordable super high end products’ as we understand and define things, while not ending up with another me-too start-up. With all we know and have learned over the last 20 years, we were able to bring to market a product at another price level.” Furthermore he states: “We are overwhelmed at the feedback and reactions from the very recent prelaunch at the Munich highend show. This new brand allows us to establish a wider sales network and makes our products more affordable. More products, such as electronic components, will follow.”

All VIMBERG products are designed and will be produced in the new design and production headquarters of TIDAL Audio GmbH, both located in Hürth/Germany. The first products are due to start shipping in August 2018 and will be globally available by Authorized Dealers.


Audio GmbH: Founded 1999 from CEO and chief designer Jörn Janczak, the company has established with TIDAL a leading ultra highend brand, known for its unparalleled craftsmanship audio masterpieces and winner of countless product- and audio show awards.