The World's Number One Audiophile?

The World's Number One Audiophile?

December 10 - “You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. So I was told by more than one person during the GuangZhou audio show about the hi-fi system—no, make that systems—of a Mr. Ji Hui Li.

Everyone who mentioned Mr. Li invariably referred to him as “the world’s Number One audiophile.

The show was winding down and we were leaving the next afternoon for Zhu Hai to visit the Original CD-player factory. The town in which Mr. Li lived was a few hours out of the way—would we like to visit? How could I pass up the opportunity to visit “the world’s Number One audiophile?

We arrived at a completely nondescript building in middle of the city of Yang Jiang. The outside of the building gave no hint of what lay inside. Mr. Li, an extremely jovial and friendly man, greeted us himself with great enthusiasm. He led us to the elevator of his seven-story “house"? and the tour started on the second floor. The elevator doors opened and the first thing I saw were two massive AC power stabilizers—all to power his hi-fi gear.