The Absolute Sound Guide to Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music 2012 Released For Download

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The Absolute Sound Guide to Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music 2012 Released For Download

Austin, TX 12/07/12---The Absolute Sound introduced its new Guide to Cables, Power Products, Accessories & Music today. This guide contains forty-eight expert reviews of top loudspeaker cables, interconnects, and power products with more than forty recommendations, plus reviews of the fifty best recordings of 2012, feature articles, the scoop on three dozen new cables about to be released, our Editors' Choice picks, and more!

Publisher Jim Hannon announced that this is the latest in a series of online buyer's guides from The Absolute Sound that help audio and music enthusiasts choose among the highest-performing products in select categories. "These comprehensive guides have been extremely popular among those who want to get the most from their audio systems and are made available on website for free," said Hannon. 

Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief, of The Absolute Sound added, "Loudspeaker cables, interconnects, power products, and accessories are essential components that help audiophiles and enthusiasts gets the most out of their audio systems. They can make a striking difference in the ability of an audio system to bring the recorded performance into the living room." Harley and his editorial team have selected the best products in each of these categories for the Guide.

Top flight recordings are another key to great sound and this guide reviews the best new recordings and reissues from 2012. The Absolute Sound's Music Editor, Mark Lehman, and his team of expert music reviewers have selected the best new releases on CD and on vinyl, as well as the best reissues. Fifty terrific recordings are featured.

"The free distribution of this new online guide is made possible through the sponsorships of Shunyata Research and Music Interface Technologies," said Hannon. "Both are leading manufacturers of high-performance loudspeaker cables and interconnects. Shunyata Research also features superior power products." Additional support comes from several prominent manufacturers of cables and/or power products, including Audience, Audioquest, Cardas Audio, Clarus, Crystal Cable, EnKlein, Purist Audio Design, Synergistic Research, and WyWires. The extensive music section of the Guide was supported by Better Records and

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