The 2016 Tokyo International Audio Show

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The 2016 Tokyo International Audio Show

[Editor's Note: The Tokyo International Audio Show is like no other audio event in the world. See Jonathan Valin and Julie Mullins' report here for a look at last year's show.]

The International Audio Society of Japan (IASJ) will be presenting the Tokyo International Audio show from 30th September through 2nd October.

One of the world's premier audio events, the Tokyo International Audio show features acoustically isolated and sealed rooms to provide an ideal listening environment for high-quality demonstrations. The world’s top-notch 192 brands, occupying 35 rooms, will be exhibited, portraying the joy of listening.

Please visit the show and feel superb reproduced music through the world's finest high-end audio equipment. You will feel as though you are in a live music event.

Show Schedule:
30th Sept. (Fri) 10:00 ~ 19:00
1st Oct.    (Sat)  10:00 ~ 19:00
2nd Oct.  (Sun)  10:00 ~ 17:00

The show is located at:
Tokyo International Forum , 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Access: by rail: within walking distance from Yurakucho station (Tokyo Metro and Japan Railway) or Tokyo central station (Tokyo Metro or JR)

Admission: Register on site, or download the registration form from our web site for an admission tag. Entrance is free of charge

32 distributors and manufacturers represent 192 brands

About the Tokyo International Audio Show
The show started 1983 as the “ Import Audio Show” to introduce cutting edge audio technologies and the joy of listening music through such high-end audio equipment.

Since 1997 the show has been located at the Tokyo International Forum; it is an annual event. The number of visitors during the show’s three-day period is over 10,000.

Analog players to hi-res file music will be demonstrated in acoustically ideal listening environment. Listeners will enjoy quality music in a cozy environment, played on affordable high-end to flagship equipment rarely seen at stores.

We invite 190 show visitors via a lottery to a live performance scheduled at Cotton Club live house across the street from Tokyo International Forum on 3rd October (Sunday).

Exhibitors are planning to have seminars by audio reviewers or engineers in their own exhibit rooms. Please refer to official site of IASJ,

A&M Ltd., ACCA Inc., Accuphase Lab.Inc., Aishin Takaoka Co.,Ltd., Ark Gioia, Inc., AVSeartron Corp, AXISS corp, D&M Holdings Inc (Denon), Electori Co.Ltd., Fstex Company(A division of Foster Electric Co., Ltd.), Esoteric Company, Fühlen Coordinate, High-End Ltd., Panasonic Corp., Imai & Co. Ltd.,  Kiso Acoustic Co. Ltd., Linn Japan Ltd., Luxman Corp., D&M Holdings Inc (Marantz), Naspec Corp., Noah Corp., Ortofon Japan Co.,Ltd., Rocky International, Ltd., Stella Inc., Taiyo International, Inc., Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc., Timelord Ltd., Triode Corp. LTD., Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd, Yoshino Trading Co.,Ltd., Yukimu Corp., Zephyrn Inc.

For more details on the brands on display, please visit

About the International Audio Society of Japan (IASJ)
IASJ is a private organization for the purpose of introducing and promoting world class audio equipment. It originated in 1983 as “ Society of Consumer Audio Distributors,” and reorganized in 1997 with the current members. 32 distributors and manufacturers incorporated in Japan are the members of IASJ. The show is managed by a task force group of the members.

President: Sheen Uchida (Taiyo International, Inc.)
Secretary General: Koichi Kosuge (D&M Holdings Inc. [Marantz])

Board of Directors
Hideaki Nishikawa (Stella Inc.)
Hideharu Itoh (Accuphase Lab Inc.)
Tetsuya Imai (Imai & Co., Ltd.)
Hiroko Kuroki (Timelord Ltd.)
Yoshihiro Hirano (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc.)

Stereo Sound Inc., Ongaku no Tomo, Ongen shuppan Co., Ltd., Seibundo Shiko sha, IA press, Ongaku shuppan, Sankei news Co., Ltd, Makino shuppan

Publications and software are sold at the entrance lobby floor (B1)

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