TAS Legends of High-End Audio Panel, Book Signing at AXPONA

Update: Dave Wilson of Wilson Audio Joins Panel

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TAS Legends of High-End Audio Panel, Book Signing at AXPONA

Update (April 7): Dave Wilson of Wilson Audio has just been added as an additional Legends of High-End Audio panelist!

Chicago is thawing out, and on April 15-17 it’s time for AXPONA at the Westin O’Hare. The TAS team will be in attendance to cover the show once again, and this year we’re presenting a pair of special events on Saturday, April 16.

Starting at 4 p.m., AXPONA attendees are invited to the Legends of High-End Audio panel discussion hosted by TAS Publisher Jim Hannon, featuring electronics design luminaries Dan D’Agostino, Kevin Hayes, Paul McGowan, Frank Van Alstine—and an additional panelist, David Wilson of Wilson Audio, has just been added.

At 5 p.m., immediately following the talk, attendees can head to a book signing event where the illustrious panelists—all of whom are profiled in the The Absolute Sound’s Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume 2: Electronics—will be on hand. TAS Executive Editor Jonathan Valin, Managing Editor Julie Mullins, and other expert book contributors will also be there to sign copies of the Illustrated History. What’s more, we’re offering AXPONA show-goers special pricing on the TAS books.

Here’s a bit of background on each Legends of High-End Audio panelist:

Dan D’Agostino, renowned founder of Krell and Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, pioneered the use of balanced-output designs and is a creator and proponent of extremely linear, wide-bandwidth, high-current amplifiers that sound highly musical and realistic—and can handle any load. Oh, and they are great looking, to boot.

Kevin Hayes, founder of the Valve Amplification Company (VAC), has endlessly sought to improve upon classic valve technologies to achieve exceptionally musical and lifelike sonics. His current Statement Line Stage, Phonostage, and 450 iQ monoblocks are widely considered to be latter-day tube classics.

Paul McGowan, founder of PS Audio, is responsible many significant technological innovations, such as the “sandwich” configuration of active devices surrounding a passive RIAA phono circuit, and his proprietary Gain Cell designs. Noteworthy recent releases include the Sprout (a 2015 TAS Product of the Year winner) and the BHK Signature line designed by Bascom King.

Frank Van Alstine, founder of Audio by Van Alstine, who first made waves with his modifications to Dynaco and Audio Research Corporation electronics, holds several audio circuit patents, designs and manufactures great-sounding (and affordable) tube and tube/hybrid electronics, and is currently working on a rational and economic solution to hi-res and DSD formats.

David Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio, arguably the most celebrated loudspeaker designer—as well as a superb recording engineer—who first took the industry by storm in 1981 with his four-tower $28,000 Wilson Audio Modular Monitor (WAMM) featuring his patented adjustable group-delay technology. The company's latest exceptional effort is the Alexx.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet these high-end industry legends and hear their stories firsthand—and to take advantage of special show pricing on Volume 2 of TAS’ celebrated Illustrated History book series.