Symphonies of Wind Instruments: Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Bergby

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Symphonies of Wind Instruments: Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Bergby

Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Bergby

Symphonies of Wind Instruments

Label: 2L
Media: SACD
Genre: Classical

The Oslo-based 2L label, the outfit that last year gave us the sensational La Voie Triomphale, is back with another program of symphonic wind ensemble music. The results, musically and sonically, are just as remarkable. This time, the program includes four gems of the 20th century concert band repertoire—Hindemith’s Concert Music for Wind Orchestra and his Symphony in B flat, Schoenberg’s Theme and Variations, and Stravinsky’s succinct and pungent Symphonies of Wind Instruments. The disc closes with a more harmonically adventuresome but equally idiomatic piece by Norwegian Rolf Wallin titled Changes. Ingar Bergby’s conducting is alert, rhythmically pointed, and texturally clarifying; the playing of the Royal Norwegian Navy Band matches the level of the Eastman Wind Ensemble of yore. The jewel box holds audio-only Blu-Ray and SACD versions of the original 24-bit, 352.8kHz “DXD” recording and, with both formats, dynamic range and timbral detail are exceptional. 2L’s multichannel is characteristically immersive but all the microphones were positioned in front of the conductor. The rear channels don’t output direct sound, just more room ambience than usual. The result: sonic heaven.

More Info

  • primary artist, Royal Norwegian Navy Band
  • conductor, Ingar Bergby

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