Sunday Morning Hi Fi #6

Sunday Morning Hi Fi #6

Welcome back to Sunday Morning Hi Fi #6!

I’m taking a short break from acoustics because all of the pictures and writing the steps for building DIY acoustic panels takes a while, and I want to make sure that everything is thoroughly documented so that you can build them at home. But also, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is only 5 days away, and we are gearing up for that show.

Of course, I would love for everyone to stop by The Absolute Sound’s booth at RMAF to take a look at our Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume One: Loudspeakers. We will have a booth located in the Evergreen Ballroom, where the main RMAF marketplace is located. There, you will be able to peruse the first volume of our three-part series on the history of high-end audio. If you haven’t seen this book in person, it will blow you away. The Absolute Sound spared no expense when producing this book, and the production quality is the best you can find. This isn’t just a picture book, either; the Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume One: Loudspeakers has over 100,000 words of original, authoritative interviews, commentary, and history of the loudspeaker designers and products that helped create the industry we know today.

We will be selling the Illustrated History of High-End Audio, Volume One: Loudspeakers at an amazing show special price, as well as special pricing on TAS subscriptions—both digital and print. Stop by the booth at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and come say hi, I would love to meet you and shake hands between covering the new products at RMAF 2014.

Speaking of, Paul Barton of PSB will be introducing the brand new Imagine T3, which will become PSB’s new flagship speaker. I’m looking forward to that presentation.

SVS, maker of some really affordable, high-quality speakers is launching six new products at RMAF 2014.

Next Sunday, I will have a sneak peak of new products and gear at RMAF 2014, before the official show reports are launched.

If you are on the fence about going to RMAF 2014, you should definitely go. I went to college in Colorado, and my favorite part of the fall semester was going to RMAF. I remember when it was much smaller, and now that the show is all grown up, it’s better than ever. Denver is a great place with beautiful weather, and RMAF is a great “family” show. Of all the shows in the U.S., it seems that RMAF attracts the widest range of attendees. We would love to see you at the TAS booth.

Album of the Week: 2L – The Nordic Sound, 2L Audiophile Reference Recordings

If you don’t have a copy of this compilation from the Norwegian audiophile label 2L, then you need to jump on it right away. This classical album features a wide variety of classical movements and concertos, from Mozart to Gregorian chants, Bartók to Vivaldi, and Schönberg to Britten (plus a whole lot more). Everything was recorded and mastered with the best sound quality in mind, and in DXD!

You can download the album from the 2L website in 96/24, 192/24, DXD, DSD64, DSD128, multichannel DSD64, and more.

This album was nominated for a Grammy award for recording, and is a must-own for any audiophile. Well worth every penny. 2L-The Nordic Sound.

Okay, this will have to be short and sweet. Next week will be sneak previews of RMAF 2014, and the following week we will get back to building our acoustic panels and I will have step-by-step instructions for you, with pictures, and costs.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday, and happy listening!