Starlicker: Double Demon

Album review
Starlicker: Double Demon


Double Demon

Label: Delmark
Media: LP
Genre: Jazz

Starlicker features an unusual lineup for a trio—trumpet, vibes, and drums—but Double Demon blends the instruments together nicely, making music that’s both adventurous and accessible. This has partly to do with rhythm: two percussionists playing repeated patterns (as often occurs here) makes for a solid foundation. Another factor is the clarity that came from playing the same songs in the same order throughout the tour that preceded this recording and paring them down until the musical motifs seem chiseled into stone. Vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz manages to sound both otherworldly and grounded while drummer John Herndon keeps things moving even on the more ambient “Vodou Cinque” and “Triple Hex.” A fiery and focused trumpeter, Rob Mazurek sometimes seems like he’s descending into a maelstrom before fighting his way out of it. The end result is a swirling soundscape dense enough for an octet but detailed enough to capture the deep drum tones at the root of it all. Recorded analog, the edgy and hypnotic Double Demon is among the new jazz releases Delmark has recently started to make available on both vinyl and CD. Like the music on Double Demon, that bodes well. 

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  • primary artist, Starlicker
  • LP

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