Sonja World Premier CES 2013

YG Acoustics Sonja 1.3
Sonja World Premier CES 2013

January 7, 2013. Arvada, Colorado, U.S.A.- YG Acoustics™, LLC is proud to announce the introduction of a very special member to its distinguished family of loudspeakers – the Sonja™. YG Acoustics™ undertook an ambitious design project resulting in a technical and aesthetic tour de force. This new creation reflects YG Acoustics™’ commitment to the notion that form follows function in excellent design.

From its distinctively pure and flowing lines the exterior design of Sonja™ is clearly timeless, all while complementing the acoustics of the speaker. Sonja™’s form, in addition to enhancing aesthetics, has a profound acoustical advantage. The enclosure design was brought about by identifying key aspects of air flow and its effect on sonic behavior. With Sonja™, wave propagation enjoys improved uniformity and ease, resulting in superior dispersion and reduced diffraction effects all in an enclosure that is the quietest we’ve ever created. Sonically, Sonja™ offers further refinement of the highly regarded YG Acoustics™ attributes, in no small part due to an expanded no‐compromise DualCoherent™ network. The celebrated DualCoherent™ technology ensures the most flawless amplitude response coupled with a pristine integration of phase into the critical bass frequencies - complete “one-voice” coherency from top to bottom.

YG Acoustics™’ award winning technologies are given full expression with Sonja™: BilletCore™ drivers machined from solid blocks of aircraft‐grade aluminum; ForgeCore™ tweeters with vanishingly low distortion; ultra‐quiet ToroAir™ toroidal crossover inductors; FocusedElimination™ resonance control without loss, and the industry’s most inert cabinet construction. Sonja™ is truly an unrestrained embodiment of YG Acoustics™' research which has resulted in a state-of-the-art audio performer with elegant design.

About YG Acoustics™

YG Acoustics™ is a global leader in ultra‐high‐end loudspeaker manufacturing. Its products are distributed in 69 countries around the world. YG Acoustics™ loudspeakers have been the recipients of major awards from industry leading publications worldwide. YG Acoustics™ is at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of the audio arts and sciences. YG Acoustics™ loudspeakers are handmade in Arvada, Colorado, U.S.A.

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