RSX Introduces Power8™

RSX™ Technologies Inc.’s power box is perfect for home, retailers, and installers

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RSX Introduces Power8™

Rancho Cucamonga, California — RSX™ Technologies, Inc. will soon start shipping its Power8™, “purist” multi-outlet AC power boxes. “High-performance AC Power cords are one of our major product categories,” said Roger Skoff, CEO and chief designer for the company, “so it’s only natural for us to also offer products to use with them. Wherever there are many more system components to be plugged-in than there are wall outlets, the one product most necessary is a multi-outlet power box. We feel that Power8 will find a place in homes, professional installations and especially retailers who can use them in their showrooms,” continued Skoff.  “And, to be consistent with RSX design standards Power8 had to be as high-quality as the components it powers, and have as little effect on sound quality as possible.” 

RSX’s new Power8™, eight-outlet power box, takes a “purist” approach. It has no on/off switch, pilot light, internal inductors, fuses, or electronics. It also has no surge protection, filtration, or “power conditioning” of any kind. Instead, the Power8 features eight special audio-quality, NEMA AC outlets, spaced far enough apart to easily accommodate High End AC power cords using custom-made connectors. All internal contacts and wiring are heavy-duty red copper with gold-plated terminals. The power inlet uses a Furutech audio-quality IEC connector of either 15A or 20A. Power8 is fully shielded and protected by a heavy, brushed-finish, extruded aluminum case with rubber feet.

Power8 will be available in either a silver or black anodized finish with clear outlets. The list price is $399.00 for the 15A version and $449.00 for the 20A version. The product ship date has been planned for May. The company is currently taking advanced orders.

About RSX Technologies, Inc.

RSX Technologies, Inc. is a High-End audio products manufacturer based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It specializes in high-quality, high-performance designs for consumers and audio professionals who want to enjoy a dynamic improvement in the performance of their systems.


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