Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

Denver: Friday, October 10 will be a day remembered by audiophiles for two things. It was the kickoff for 2008's RMAF, an annual show open to consumers which spot-lights the best and the brightest in the high end audio scene. It will also be recollected for the trillion or so dollars in market valuation that was lost as the Dow rollercoastered in a one thousand point swing throughout that fateful day. That morning I watched hollow-eyed audio fans, distributors, designers and retailers entering the Denver Marriott their badges duly attached to suit lapels or hanging over their parkas. I  commiserated with attendees--we were all shaking our heads, sighing, making statements like "Hasta La Vista 401K," or...."I guess I won't be retiring next year," and so forth.

But at the same time, as I watched people slipping into an exhibitor's room and begin taking in the music and the gear and the ambience and listen to the back and forth discussion about what this  bit of technology imparts, something happened. Faces softened,  handshakes and smiles were exchanged. What happened was what always happens when a loyal community with a shared purpose get together. The troubles of the outside world vanish. The subject of retirement accounts retreats into the shadows at least for a time. And if just for a few hours the world once again becomes all about music.