Robert Harley Book Signing at "Music Talks" Event at Alma Audio in La Jolla, California Saturday, April 30.

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Robert Harley Book Signing at "Music Talks" Event at Alma Audio in La Jolla, California Saturday, April 30.

Alma Audio Invites You To Celebrate Our One-Year Anniversary With A Special "Music Talks" Event!

Since we opened our doors March 31st, 2015, our goal has been to provide the best musical experience by offering the finest audio equipment available. We do this by working with truly special, innovative brands. Last year we held our first "Music Talks" event, where we invited some of the masters behind these brands, to talk about what makes their products special, and of course, to showcase them.

For this second annual Music Talks we've put together a full slate of audio luminaries and product designers.

Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound, will be on hand Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm to talk about The Absolute Sound's Illustrated History of High-End Audio, a series of lavishly produced large-format books that celebrate the industry's legendary founders and their most iconic products. Autographed copies of both volumes (Volume One: Loudspeakers and Volume Two: Electronics) will be available. Robert will also sign copies of the new fifth edition of his classic book The Complete Guide to High-End Audio.

As part of the second annual Music Talks event, our focus is on the most musical pairing in all of high-end audio, darTZeel and Evolution Acoustics. Straight from Switzerland, we’ll have the great honor to host Hervé Deletraz, the genius responsible for darTZeel, who will provide insights into his unique designs. Jonathan Tinn and Kevin Malmgren, the team behind Evolution Acoustics, will also be present to share their thoughts on loudspeaker design and manufacturing as well as to talk about their current and upcoming products. Be there for the world premier of the Evolution Acoustics MMThree EXACT Loudspeakers. Jonathan who also owns Wave Kinetics will bring their reference NVS Turntable along with the Durand Kairos tonearm and Ortofon MC-Anna cartridge. Be on hand to hear some special very special upcoming vinyl releases direct from Acoustic Sounds.

Music Talks 2 will be held April 30th and May 1st, in our beautiful La Jolla store. A detailed schedule of the event will be posted. Refreshments will be served continuously throughout both days. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience award-winning products and meet their designers. For more information, please contact us at the directions below.

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