Richard Beers, Founder of T.H.E. Shows, Passes Away

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Richard Beers, Founder of T.H.E. Shows, Passes Away

A letter from Maurice Jung, interim President of T.H.E. Show Newport

Dear Industry Friends,     

My name is Maurice Jung and I am the interim President for T.H.E. Show Newport. It is with heartfelt sorrow that I must inform you of the passing of Mr. Richard Beers. He fought a good fight against lung cancer and because of his eternal optimism, he believed he was going to win that battle.  

This is why many of your phone calls and/or e-mails went unanswered and I am sure he is truly sorry for that. Unfortunately with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments he was undergoing, he was unable for some time to write or use the computer. He kept a lot of us in the dark as to his sickness always wanting to be the strong warrior.  This probably came from his familial ancestry as we have just learned that not only was Richard a military man, but he was a son of the Revolution. It has been hard on the family members and immediate friends to comprehend his passing and only a few of us have barely even begun to realize that he is not coming back. The shock has been great.

Having known Richard and Beverley, his family and immediate friends for over 20 years, I became a part of his family and he became a part of mine. He had a very interesting life and he was very proud of T.H.E. Show and the support he received from the audio industry.  

I’m sure that many of you have stories to share as well.  We have set up a web page on T.H.E. Show's site as a memorial to Richard, please share your thoughts and accolades for all to see the impact he had on so many people.
Richard’s main concern before his passing, outside of his family and friends, was T.H.E. Show and that it must still continue to move forward and thrive. This is why instead of canceling this year, we decided to honor his wish that it go on. Therefore, this year, T.H.E. Show Newport is dedicated to Mr. Richard Beers in Memoriam. Marine, Wess, Nick and I have worked steadfastly to make sure that T.H.E. Show Newport 2016 will be the best one yet, in honor of Richard and all he has done over the years to make it a success.

In closing, we thank you again for your support and friendship. Plans are underway for a memorial service to be held at T.H.E. Show Newport on Friday evening, June 3rd in T.H.E. Lounge, located in Hotel Irvine's Pavilion, previously the Headphonium… details to follow. We hope you will join us to honor Richard’s life.