REL R-328 Subwoofer

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REL R-328
REL R-328 Subwoofer

It’s an odd effect for many audiophiles, because we assume the low-end of a full-range loudspeaker is deep-bass enough. It’s not, because it’s not about deep bass, it’s about in room bass control. No matter how full range the loudspeaker, the place where best to put loudspeakers for good mid and treble performance is one of the least useful places for accurate bass. In particular, it’s the worst possible place to try to use the bass to mitigate some room resonance and help open up the sound beyond 200Hz. For that, you need subwoofer support, and you need a sub like the REL that’s capable of underpinning the sound without lag, flap or flab.

There are many ways to crack the room acoustics nut. In some cases, the cure is worse than the disease (bass trapping vs. divorce proceedings, DSP and other forms of active equalization vs. the space between the notes, and so on), but a well-sorted sub like the R-328 can work wonders. They can even be hidden as low side tables (just remember not to water plants on them). The only downside is they are addictive. You start with one, and pretty soon you have three or four…

Technical Specifications

REL R-328 subwoofer

Drive Units: Custom-Designed 254mm long-throw front firing drive unit. 305mm down firing passive radiator.

Inputs: Line level phono, speaker level Neutrik Speakon (cable supplied)

Amplifier: 350 Watt high-current Class D power amplifier.

Dimensions (WHD): 34x38x39cm (height includes feet, depth includes grille).

Weight: 20.4 kg.

Price: £1,099

Manufactured by REL Acoustics


Tel: +44(0)1656 768777