RecordWall-it: Affordable Record Display Frame

RecordWall-it: Affordable Record Display Frame

The following is a press release issued by RecordWall-it.

August 26, 2015 - Proudly made in the USA, RecordWall-it allows record fans to display their album art while still being able to quickly access their records. RecordWall-it provides the most affordable option to bring a gatefold album cover alive – simply mount two frames side-by-side and the beautiful artwork will instantly become an outstanding decoration in any area. Understanding that international album covers are sized differently, RecordWall-it is engineered with a built-in ledge to support all album covers. Each RecordWall-it comes with an adaptor that supports a vinyl record to be hung on the frame – making RecordWall-it the only product on the market that has a true dual function. Purchase your RecordWall-it direct from today!