Ragtime Razzmatazz Vol. 2: Mark P. Wetch

Album review
Ragtime Razzmatazz Vol. 2: Mark P. Wetch

Mark P. Wetch

Ragtime Razzmatazz Vol. 2

Label: Wilson Audiophile
Media: LP
Genre: Jazz

Mark Wetch plays ragtime on a Kroeger piano whose hammers have been slightly hardened and whose tuning is deliberately very slightly "oft." The effect Is thus some- thing like a genteel, or aristocratic, honky- tonk piano. The recording, as usual from this source, is first-rate.

The soundstage is not overly wide, but is realistic. The imaging is excellent-l can place every note and, as to the dimensionality, even this seemingly two-dimensional upright sounds three-dimensional.

If I have any reservation at all, it is that the proximity is a very close one; there Is little sense of the room ambience. However, the presence is excellent despite a lack of the last degree of sizzle from the leading edge of the transients. All In all, this is a beautifully recorded disc.

And Mark Wetch plays with aplomb. From the filligries of his interpretation of The Entertainer to Wild Cherries, which Is a blast, this is a most entertaining record in near perfect sound.

"Thank you," also, to David Wilson for including a plan of the microphone layout as an insert with this record.

You'll want to say
The way she shakes her Japan-knee,
Poor little Butterfly

Is a fly girl now.

Wonderful stuff!

More Info

  • primary artist, Mark P. Wetch
  • producer, Dave Wilson
  • LP

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