Radically New Amplifier Technology Gets US Launch

Integrated amplifiers
Devialet D-Premier
Radically New Amplifier Technology Gets US Launch

The D-Premier integrated amplifier from France's Devialet, which has caused quite a stir in Europe, made its US debut at CES. The reason everyone's talking about the D-Premier is that it operates like no previous amplifier. Specifically, the D-Premier is a hybrid of linear and switching amplifiers, with a class-A voltage gain stage coupled with a class-D switching output stage. The idea is to deliver the sound quality of a class-A amplifier with the advantages of class-D; the unit operates at a whopping 85% efficiency. The D-Premier also features stunning industrial design, a simple user interface (the unit has one button), and advanced capabilities. The company received five patents on innovations in the amplifier. Output power is 240Wpc. I was greatly impressed not only by the technical achivement, but that the D-Premier is so fully realized; it doesn't look like the first effort from a new company. The fit 'n finish was extraordinary. The D-Premier is distributed in North America by Audio Plus Services, and will be priced at $15,999.