PSB Releases Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System

PSB Alpha 1-100
PSB Releases Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System

Pickering Ontario December 17, 2013 -- PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, announced an exciting offering in its Alpha speaker lineup. The venerable Canadian brand is packaging their Alpha PS1 ($299) desktop speaker system with its new SubSeries100 ($249) micro subwoofer and naming it the Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System at a MSRP of $499.

Combining the amplifiers, speakers and subwoofer together, Alpha 1-100 is a complete solution in a box and the perfect high performance system designed for today’s music lover who enjoys their musical experience almost exclusively from the computer, game console, or smart phone. Featuring PSB’s famed sound quality, the Alpha 1-100 offers an affordable and musically satisfying experience in a simple plug-and-play solution that is ideal for contemporary listeners. 

The PS1 is the perfect sonic upgrade for any device with a headphone output and it also features a subwoofer output for additional expansion. Its driver complement sports a 3 ½”

Metalized, polypropylene cone woofer with oversized magnet structure paired with a ¾” aluminum tweeter. To get the most out of its high performance drivers, the Alpha PS1 includes a highly efficient 2 x 20W power amplifier. The universal power supply works with any AC voltage making it convenient for world travelers.

Finished in gloss black, the curvaceous, organic form of the PS1 is functional as well as beautiful. Its compact dimensions (H 7 7/8” x W 4 1/2” x D 6 7/8”), allow maximum internal volume for impressive bass response yet small enough to be placed easily on a desktop.

For installations where the listener is located higher than the PS-1s, the PTB-1 ($30 MSRP) optional tilt base provides a 30 degree upward tilt to better direct the sound to the listener’s ears.

The SubSeries 100, an ultra-compact subwoofer, is the perfect companion to the company’s critically acclaimed Alpha PS1 though it can be readily used in any desktop home theater, computer audio or gaming sound application. Featuring PSB’s famed sound quality, the SubSeries 100 offers an attractive, powerful and versatile subwoofer solution.

This totally new subwoofer design by PSB features a 5 ¼" woofer that is computer optimized to maximize bass extension and dynamic range without distortion. An innovative filter pole shifting technique is used to squeeze the maximum deep bass from the specially engineered drive unit. The efficient and cool running 50W (continuous) Class D amplifier is capable of 100W dynamic peak power with the amp specifically matched to the driver.

Finished in striking high gloss black, SubSeries 100 measures a mere 6 3/8" wide x 6 3/8" high x 7 7/8" deep that allows maximum internal volume for impressive bass response yet small enough to be placed easily on a desktop. A black metal screen is added to protect the woofer and it comes supplied with a subwoofer cable for easy connection.

According to Paul Barton, founder and chief designer for PSB speakers, “With the Alpha PS1, we brought our forty plus years of loudspeaker expertise to the desktop audio arena and the response has been extremely positive. Aimed squarely at the ‘near field’ listening experience, the PSB Alpha PS1 takes the Alpha concept to an entirely new level. With its compact size and powerful performance, packaging the SubSeries100 with the PS1 to create the Alpha 1-100 at $499 produced remarkable sonic results that provides a very compelling package for a variety of applications from the desktop and well beyond.”  

The PSB Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System is available now for $499 MSRP.

Key Features of the PSB Alpha 1-100:

·      Powered design with highly efficient amplifiers built-in to PS1 and SS100
·      Easy to set up. Simple plug-and-play design
·      Universal power supply works with any AC voltage making it convenient for use virtually anywhere around the world
·      Ample connectivity with headphone and subwoofer outputs. Comes supplied with subwoofer cable
·      Ultra-compact cabinets finished in striking gloss black

About PSB

Founded in 1972, by renowned speaker designer Paul Barton, PSB is a leading global speaker brand, now celebrating more than 40 years. Available in more than 70 countries around the world, for music or movie listening, the company has set the standard for high-performance, high-value speakers. PSB products are distributed in the U.S. by Lenbrook America.