Priscilla Ahn: A Good Day

Album review
Priscilla Ahn: A Good Day

Priscilla Ahn

A Good Day

Label: Mobile Fidelity
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Recently more recordings have started showing up on audiophile vinyl within a few years of their initial release, including albums originally only available as CDs or downloads. Such is the case with Priscilla Ahn’s A Good Day, which came out on Blue Note in 2008 and has already resurfaced as a MoFi Original Master Recording. Musically A Good Day deserves such top-shelf treatment: consisting of well-crafted pop songs with a sunny sound and sudden twists, it’s an unusually mature debut album. Acoustically, too, it’s a treat, combining warm, natural sonics with studiocraft that becomes more intricate as the songs unfold. MoFi does a fine job of revealing the details of the recordings while concealing the artifice. It doesn’t hurt that Korean-American Priscilla Ahn has a lovely voice and that her lyrics manage to evoke a childlike view of the world without seeming coy or cute. It’s almost disarming, frankly, to hear someone celebrate simple pleasures without a hint of irony; but hey, sometimes it’s good to be disarmed. I’m happy to report that Ahn’s sophomore effort, When You Grow Up, is as good as her debut or better, and was recorded on ready-for-vinyl analog tape. That said, if you haven’t heard her yet, start here. 

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  • primary artist, Priscilla Ahn
  • CD

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