Prime Time Pleasure from Primare

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Primare DVDI-10
Prime Time Pleasure from Primare

Alright, I’m coming clean. Believe it or not sometimes I just like my audio & video simple. I mean “one box” simple. I don’t want to pull another interconnect, power on three or four components in sequence. I just want to press a button on a remote control, hit play and start listening. Or, watching! Shocking but true. But (here it comes) it had better be high end. I’m definitely not going couch potato only to have my ears assaulted.

For the past couple months I’ve been enjoying the Primare DVDI-10 DVD-receiver and will be writing about this sturdy, understated Swede in greater depth in an upcoming TAS. Meanwhile this little multi-tasker and I have been having a bang up time together. It plays CDs and DVDs natch, but it also has line level inputs for three additional  sources, all of which can be routed via the built in A to D to either of the digital outputs for recording or processing via a surround decoder. There’s also an LFE output to drive a subwoofer. It’s got a back panel iPod port where all meta data is displayed on the front panel and controllable via remote control. While it has a component, composite and S-Vid input (soon to become dinosaurs) I’m using the HDMI output which features an Analog Devices video  DAC and 1080p upscaling from the Genesis FL12300 video processor. Power output is 75Wpc thanks to the cool-running and space saving Class D amplifier technology.
Performance is in a word, excellent. Sonics are smooth and relaxed. Speaker matching is important but reasonably efficient speakers like PSBs and Paradigms perform beautifully. Obviously this is not a Blu-ray player but resolution on my Samsung 1080p LCD through the HDMI output was crisp and artifact-free with standard def DVD. So far my only gripes concern the somewhat cryptic on-screen display, a muting circuit only available on the front panel and a general sluggishness in operation.  Now if only this Swede could fix me up a plate of meatballs.