Playback Designs Announces New A/D Converter in Sonoma Series

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Playback Designs Announces New A/D Converter in Sonoma Series

The following is a press release issued by Playback Designs.

August 30, 2016 - Playback Design has announced the production release of their new Pinot A/D converter as part of their SONOMA series system incorporating the latest QUAD-DSD FPGA technology.

According to Andreas Koch, president and designer of Playback Designs, this ground-up new ADC product brings the performance and emotion of the finest analog recordings to the digital home and professional music playback system. Tests with critical listeners revealed that the Pinot ADC is so transparent that it could not reliably be distinguished from the analog source.

Pinot ADC is a state-of-the art A/D converter which outputs any PCM/DSD format and interfaces to a computer for recording wav/dsf/dff files via USB. It also connects directly to the Merlot DAC via fiber-optic ST cable for native playback monitoring. Pinot is the ultimate tool to convert all your analog sources (tape/vinyl) to the highest quality digital format possible. The same recording software provided with the Merlot DAC is used with Pinot. List price is $7500.

Design philosophy: Based on Andreas Koch’s digital design experience at Studer, Sony, Dolby Labs and others FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) are used instead of off-the shelf chips which impede the ultimate jitter and filter performance when recovering the musical delicacy and power of analog recordings. All algorithms are programmable and updateable by the end user.

The results of two years of intense research and unique no-compromise circuit designs are now condensed in this remarkable new product that quite possibly could become one of the finest recording devices.

Contact info:; 925-820-4780

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