Oriton Black Bullets

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Oriton Black Bullets
Oriton Black Bullets

Oriton also claims airborne vibration undermines the performance of a system and that too is helped by the Black Bullets. I’m not so convinced by this; the performance would be less noticeable when I switched from the G3 integrated to the Trilogy 933 headphone amp (and it wasn’t), and there would have been a mild effect when used with the MFA (and there wasn’t). I think the BBs work primarily on eliminating any potential self-noise ‘rattling’ from one device rattling down the cable to the next. I’m prepared to give this some benefit of the doubt, because if used with a power amp between a pair of loudspeakers playing at full tilt, airborne vibration is likely to be at its worst, and the BBs might just help here.

Of course, such things irritate the hell out of a certain section of the online audio community. As cables can’t make a difference to then them, things that glom onto those cables have them foaming at the mouth. No need to actually try the things, the online drumhead kangaroo court has spoken! I’d say, give them a go – if you can’t hear a difference, there’s a two-week no-questions asked returns period. In most cases, I’d guess Oriton will get to keep the money, and you’ll get to have better leading edges to your music.

Finally, there’s a sneaky cheap bonus here: Naim users lusting after a Hi-Line interconnect, but either don’t have or don’t want to spend the £600+ required can instead spend £55 on Black Bullets and get most of the same from their existing cables. 


Technical Specifications

Price: £54.95 per pair

Manufactured by: Oriton

URL: www.oriton.co.uk 

Tel: +44(0)1633 549530