OMG, Magico V2, Fierce, Fantastic & Formidable

Magico V2
OMG, Magico V2, Fierce, Fantastic & Formidable

Channeling the spirit of the ultra coherent, two-way the Magico Mini II couldn’t have been an easy task for the masters at Magico but the new V2 seemingly does the impossible. This 2 ½ way, 120 lb floorstander is dynamically explosive, yet as sensitive as a hummingbird. True this “entry level” chunk of musicality does sport an $18K/pr. price tag  but I’m not off my rocker when I state that it still sounds like a bargain–that’s just how friggin’ good it is. Transparency is king with images surfacing like sonic holograms¬–brimming with dimensionality that you swear you could reach out and grasp. Soundstaging is marvelous. In fact nothing seems to be coming from the speaker at all! Music simply fills the space...completely. A perfect speaker?  Maybe, maybe not. These were show conditions after all and no doubt extended listening in a familiar room will likely be more revealing of strengths and potential weaknesses. But one thing is certain– at the very least the V2 is going to require a whole ne set of superlatives. (pictured with Director of Sales and Marketing, Irv Gross)

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