Entry-Level Integrated Amplifier of The Year: NuForce DDA-100


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Nuforce DDA-100
Entry-Level Integrated Amplifier of The Year: NuForce DDA-100

It is perhaps no coincidence that both our choices for Integrated Amplifier of The Year feature a direct-digital topology in which digital audio data at the amplifier’s input directly drive the output transistors. This technique eliminates from the signal path a huge amount of circuitry, including a traditional DAC and analog gain stages. The bargain-priced NuForce DDA-100 delivers 50Wpc and sounds better than any conventional integrated amplifier Steven Stone has heard priced under $2500. Particularly impressive is the DDA-100’s spatial definition and separation of instrumental images. These images are presented against a dead-quiet background in a way that makes them come to life. The DDA-100 also clearly resolves low-level instruments even in the presence of louder ones—a hallmark of great high-end designs but unheard of in a $549 integrated amp. A great sounding amplifier and a tremendous value. (Steven Stone, 229)