Nordost Launches New Sort Lift

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Nordost Launches New Sort Lift

The following is a press release issued by Nordost.

Holliston, MA | September 2, 2016 - Nordost is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, the Sort Lift®. The Sort Lift® is the preeminent cable support in the consumer electronics industry, and is the perfect addition to Nordost’s line of Resonance Control Devices: the Sort System. Nordost’s Sort System is designed to allow components to resonate at their natural frequency, both without the burden of extraneous, damaging vibrations or the constraint of damping materials.

The Sort Lift® is a unique and extremely effective cable support designed to enhance the sonic performance of loudspeaker cables, power cords, and interconnects. While other cable lifters in the industry are only concerned with doing just that—lifting the cable, the Sort Lift® not only elevates audio cables from the ground, but it employs a patent pending, Floating Spring Design. This design minimizes the contact that cables have with the apparatus while reducing boundary effects without negatively affecting the resonant properties of the cables themselves.

The Sort Lift® is composed of two integral components: the base and the springs. The base is a stable, anodized aluminum disk, designed to inhibit any transference of electrical charge from the floor to the cable and eliminate static build-up on the dielectric itself. This base supports the proprietary Floating Spring System. The Floating Spring System uses a flexible, titanium alloy spring-wire, which makes up both the support wings and tension wire supports. In both elements, the alloy wire is coated in FEP, mirroring the design of Nordost cables and making the supports an extension of the cable jacket. These specially treated wires eliminate any electrical interference, while allowing the cables to maintain their natural resonance properties. This revolutionary design elicits several improvements to the sound quality, including an elevated sound stage, improved dynamic range, increased detail in low frequency reproductions, and more natural timbre to the music.

Sort Lift® is provided in packs of two. They are intended to be spaced between 0.5 and 1 meter apart in distance, so that the cable does not come in contact with the floor. The spacing may depend on the weight and flexibility of the cable being supported. While designed to be used primarily with Nordost cables, any audio cable will benefit from using the Sort Lift®. The Sort Lift® is now available at select Nordost dealers, worldwide, with a suggested retail price of $600.00 USD. To find the Nordost dealer nearest you, visit the “Where to Buy” page on