Nordost Introduces The LS Blue Heaven iKABLE and Heimdall 2 iKABLE

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Nordost Introduces The LS Blue Heaven iKABLE and Heimdall 2 iKABLE

June 2014: As customer habits and preferences within the consumer electronics industry change it is important that manufacturers keep in-step accordingly, creating new products that facilitate these changes. For this reason Nordost has recently revisited their analog interconnects for portable devices. At last month’s High End Show in Munich Nordost launched two versions of the new iKable, the LS Blue Heaven iKable and the Heimdall 2 iKable.

At their core both the LS Blue Heaven and Heimdall 2 iKables are constructed from 4 silver plated, solid-core 24 AWG OFC conductors and employs Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion technology. This process greatly reduces the dielectric properties in the cables in order to increase signal speed and accuracy in signal transfer. This on its own makes a significant improvement upon the standard interconnects used with portable audio devices.

However, the Heimdall 2 version takes it a step forward. The Heimdall 2 iKable uses Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, suspending the conductors in a virtual air-dielectric which decreases the resistance and signal loss even further than what is possible with the Blue Heaven. Additionally, the Heimdall 2 iKable utilizes mechanically tuned lengths which are proven to reduce internal microphony and high frequency impedance resonance.

Both the LS Blue Heaven and the Heimdall 2 iKables are fitted with gold plated, full metal jacket shell connectors which are available in the following terminations: 3.5mm stereo mini to 3.5mm stereo mini, 3.5mm stereo mini to 2x XLR and 3.5mm stereo mini to 2x RCA. Nordost iKables are made specifically for auxiliary inputs in aftermarket radios, car and home audio stereos and are compatible with all portable audio devices. Suggested retail for a 1m length iKable is $214.99 for the LS Blue Heaven iKable and $460.00 for the Heimdall 2 iKable. Both products are now available for purchase at select Nordost dealers, worldwide. To find the Nordost dealer nearest you, visit the “Where to Buy” page at

Nordost iKables are the perfect solution for today’s modern hifi enthusiasts. Whether applied in your car or home audio system, the elevated performance achieved from your portable devices will be amazing.