Nordost at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

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Nordost at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

The following is a press release issued by Nordost.

Denver CO | October 2018 - Nordost is very excited to be taking part in the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this year, October 5–7 at the Dever Marriott Tech Center. This year Nordost’s Humboldt Peak room is going to be showcasing a stellar system featuring components from CH Precision, DCS, and VPI, as well as YG Acoustic loudspeakers. The whole system will be wired using Nordost’s Supreme Reference range of Odin 2 cables, making it a world class set-up. Nordost encourages RMAF attendees to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in live cable comparisons and product demonstrations, which will be led by Nordost product trainers throughout the show.

The Humboldt Peak room will also be the location of a fantastic set of turntable seminars. Nordost will be hosting Roy Gregory, editor of The Audio Beat, for an analog master-class! Roy will be demonstrating just how big an impact turntable set up has on the final musical results of record replay — and just how much more there really is in those grooves. Covering everything from tonearm cables to mono cartridges and variations in replay EQ, this is one presentation you really don’t want to miss. This seminar is only available four times throughout the show, Friday at 3 pm, Saturday at noon and 3 pm, and Sunday at noon, so make sure you plan accordingly! In addition to their Humboldt Peak location, Nordost will also be exhibiting at CANJAM with Woo Audio, allowing show-goers the chance to experience the difference Nordost’s personal hifi cables make. You can even demo Nordost USB and headphone cables for yourself! Once you have heard the difference with your own ears, a select range of Nordost products will be available for purchase with exclusive show specials, both at CANJAM, as well as at Nordost’s main sales booth located in the hotel lobby.

Finally, Nordost is thrilled to bring show-goers a special live music experience. Nordost is sponsoring a highly anticipated jazz concert that will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, across the street from the Denver Marriott Tech Center, on Saturday, October 6 at 2 pm and 6:30 pm. The concert will be the debut of a new jazz ensemble, featuring accomplished and acclaimed musicians, Dave Douglas, Dominique Eade, John Gunther, Elan Mehler, and Simón Willson. They will be performing some never-before heard works from Dave Douglas as well as music from Elan Mehler’s Newvelle release, “Piano Noir”. The quintet will dance between intersections of style and genre, making for a unique mix of jazz and folk music, poetry and improvisation, prose and composition.

With everything from demonstrations to special offers, seminars to live shows, Nordost will have something for everyone at RMAF this year!