NEWS: TAS Golden Ear Club Adds Rega as a Participating Manufacturer

NEWS: TAS Golden Ear Club Adds Rega as a Participating Manufacturer

The Absolute Sound and The Sound Organization announced today that Rega Research Ltd. has become a participating manufacturer of the TAS Golden Ear Club. Rega plans to participate in select dealer events of the GEC, as well as offer GEC members special retail incentives through its authorized dealers in the US. “We are delighted to have Rega join our growing ranks of participating manufacturers,” said Jim Hannon, Publisher of The Absolute Sound. “Rega’s participation will help create more excitement at retail.”

Rega Research Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of turntables, tonearms, integrated amplifiers, CD players, tuners, loudspeakers, and accessories since 1973. Its philosophy is “to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible.” All of its products are manufactured in the United Kingdom and Rega sells both individual components and complete systems to audio enthusiasts and music lovers. Rega is distributed in the United States by The Sound Organization ( through its extensive network of quality audio dealers.

The Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear Club is a membership organization of US audiophiles. GEC members get exclusive access to special content, events, and offers. For example, select reviews from both The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ are available to members several weeks in advance of the print editions. The GEC hosts several special events throughout the country, at both elite audio dealers, manufacturer facilities, and trade shows like the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Participating manufacturers make members exclusive offers, primarily through their dealers, such as special trade-in allowances, extended warranties, bonus products, and/or manufacturer rebates. For more information about the TAS Golden Ear Club, click here.