New Tubed Electronics from Coincident Speaker Technology

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New Tubed Electronics from Coincident Speaker Technology

October 23, 2013 - Coincident Speaker Technology has released several new tubed electronics components which mate wonderfully with its own loudspeakers as well as with other high-performance loudspeakers of moderate-to-high efficiency. The new electronics offerings include the Coincident Statement RC (Remote Control) Line Stage, the Coincident Turbo 845 SE Integrated Tube Amplifier, and the Dynamo 34 SE Integrated Tube Amplifier. Following are Coincident's press releases on each.

Statement RC (Remote Control) Line Stage

The demand and acceptance of our Statement Line Stage has been overwhelming. Despite increasing production capacity over 500% it took more than 2 years to finally keep up with sales requirements. We are now capable of shipping units within a couple of days subsequent to orders. However, we lost a percentage of sales due to the fact that our Statement did not offer remote control capability. Unfortunately it was impractical to offer a remote for our Statement due to the fact that the motor required to move the transformer coupled volume pots needed to be excessively large. This created a sonic problem since the motor would result in induced noise thereby compromising the sonic performance of a unit universally recognized as the quietest, purest, and most transparent line stage extant. For those audiophiles whose highest priority is performance this did not pose an issue. However, for a significant number of potential purchasers remote control is a necessity.

Coincident is now proud and excited to introduce the Statement RC (Remote Control) Line Stage. This unit is identical to the Statement in every way with the exception of the following:

  • Single variable stereo volume control replacing the TVC dual controls;
  • Front panel push button controls for mute, input selector, input and output balanced or unbalanced operation;
  • Remote control for mute, volume, input selector and input and output balanced or unbalanced operation.

Now audiophiles can own the most transparent, accurate line stage extant with the convenience offered by full remote control capability. While the Statement RC Line Stage exceeds the performance and build quality of virtually any competing unit at any price, let alone at any costing less than $6000, there is a subtle sonic compromise when compared to the Statement. The transformer coupled volume pots of the Statement which are the finest of its kind in the world, are slightly more transparent than the variable stereo potentiometer of the RC model. The Statement RC Line Stage is the perfect synthesis of convenience mated with state of the art performance and quality.

Price: $5499 US

Turbo 845SE 

In response to the demand for a state of the art stereo integrated single ended triode amplifier, we are pleased to introduce the Turbo 845 SE. This amplifier is built and designed to be an all out assault on integrated stereo amplifiers. It is constructed as true dual mono in every way. The only shared component between the two channels is the chassis. The Turbo is built on the same chassis as our current Dragon MK II amplifier (slightly larger and heavier). The Turbo was created for those who do not want to compromise quality or performance but are limited to space, which preclude mono amps and a separate preamp. The Turbo has the convenience of remote control and having the line stage and stereo amplifier all in one chassis. A further benefit is that no extra cables are required for hook up.

The Turbo has an enormous power supply and generates 28 watts per channel, which means it can power optimally most sensibly designed speakers. Ultimate transparency, purity and flat frequency response are the sonic result.


Single Ended 845 Output-
28 watts per channel
Pure Dual Mono
All hard wired
6N copper Japanese Steel proprietary power and output transformers
6EM7 input tube, 
300B driver, 
845 output.
3 RCA inputs
Discrete Resistor volume control
Voltage selectable 115V/230V
AC ground lift
Remote control volume- mute.
Frequency response: 20 Hz- 20kHz - flat
Sensitivity: 1V for full output
Input impedance: 100 K ohms
S/N Ratio- 90 dB
Weight: 100 lbs
Price: $5999 US

Dynamo 34SE

For those on a budget but who still demand top flight sonics and build quality, the Dynamo will prove to be a revelation. Single ended triode tube sound that belies its 8 watt power rating. Any 90 db sensitivity speaker can be powered with startling clarity and dynamics. Build quality not seen at twice the price. Perfect for those who want a simple compact set up or as a second system where true musicality is insisted upon. Hard to believe that this much performance and quality can be had for $1299.

Volume control obviates the need for a line stage since it permits direct connection to a CD player or DAC.


Single Ended EL 34 output- 
8 watts per channel
6SL7 input/driver tube,
5U4 GB rectifier tube
All hard wired
Stainless steel mirror finish chassis
Output impedance: 4, 8 ohms
Voltage selectable: 115V/230V
Frequency response: 20 Hz- 20kHz- flat
Sensitivity: 300 mv full output
Input impedance: 100K ohms
S/N Ratio- 88 dB 
Weight: 22 lbs
Price: $1299 US.

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