New Spendor A7 Now Shipping in North America

New Spendor A7 Now Shipping in North America

The following is a press release issued by Bluebird Music.

September 26, 2018 | Buffalo, NY - Bluebird Music today announced immediate availability of the new A7 loudspeakers from England's Spendor Audio.

The Spendor A7 is a major revision of the highly acclaimed Spendor A6R floor standing loudspeaker. The result is a dramatic improvement in dynamics, resolution and low frequency articulation. The slim modern linear-form cabinet is styled and dimensioned to fit easily and unobtrusively into any living space.

Life-Like Dynamics and Articulate Bass
At the heart of the A7 is a Spendor 7" bass-mid drive unit which incorporates key materials developed for Spendor's flagship D7 loudspeaker. It features Spendor's latest EP77 polymer cone and new surround and suspension materials with outstanding thermal and mechanical stability. The drive unit is perfectly matched to the cabinet, allowing the A7 to deliver life-like dynamics with fast, articulate bass.

Custom Crossovers for Sparkling Clarity
A re-engineered crossover brings significantly improved driver integration and a vivid, dynamic, but always natural, sound. The crossover network has precision wound high-linearity tapped inductors which avoid distortion and allow very fine tuning of frequency and phase response. As a result the A7s deliver transparency and a coherent balanced sound rarely found in loudspeakers at this price-point.

Smooth Natural Highs
A 22mm silk dome wide-surround tweeter gives stable low distortion response over a very wide frequency range. The unique diaphragm profile delivers a smooth extended high frequency response over a very wide listening area. The tweeter has a protective mesh grille.

Naturally Fast Engaging Sound
Timing is fundamental to the musical experience. In conventional loudspeakers rigid high density cabinet panels are mass-damped to reduce cabinet-talk. Spurious energy is stored and released slowly. This creates unacceptable blurring and slowing of the sound. The A7s utilize Spendor's proprietary Dynamic Damping system from the D7. Small low-mass constrained polymer dampers at key energy interface points instantly convert any spurious energy in the cabinet into inaudible heat. The result is a naturally fast engaging and open sound.

Works Well With All Amplifiers
Internal cables are high-grade silver plated pure copper with halogen free dielectric. High linearity audio grade capacitors and an easy to drive 8ohm load ensure uncompromised performance and complete compatibility with all good amplifiers and cables.

Finishes and Pricing
A7s are available in natural oak, dark walnut and black ash real wood veneer finishes. The US retail price is $4,995 and in $5,995 in Canada.

All Spendor loudspeakers are entirely designed and hand-built in-house in Great Britain.