New PRO Record Cleaner from Audiodesksysteme Gläss

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New PRO Record Cleaner from Audiodesksysteme Gläss

Record hygiene is another one of those specialized yet vexing topics—the finer points of which the high end seems to take particular pleasure in debating. In recent years, ultra-sonic cleaning has come on strong with a variety of manufacturers offering different approaches to using water bombardment. One of the big guns in this arena is Audiodesksysteme Gläss, founded just over 20 years ago by Reiner Gläss who hails from Germany. The company is now releasing a new and upgraded “PRO” version of its record cleaner. Robert Stein of Ultra Systems, who imports Audiodesksysteme, was kind enough to send me one out of the first batch that just landed stateside.

I’ve used the older version of the record cleaner for several years, though I’ve run into some mechanical issues with it recently. The looks of the new unit are pretty much the same as the prior model, apart from a larger and more ergonomically friendly plug that holds the water in (the manufacturer recommends changing the water about once a month). The new Audiodesk PRO continues to use rollers and a custom surfactant to clean and massage your beloved LPs.

However, on the inside of the PRO there are a plethora of changes: It now features a more rugged motor as well as an upgraded pump that employs ceramic bearings; this update should help with reliability. It also has a new and separate drying cycle. If you aren’t satisfied with how dry it is after the initial cleaning cycle, then you can hold down the red button on front and wait for six beeps for a “dry-only” cycle.

I’d report further but am anxious to go clean a Phillips box set of Beaux Arts Trio Beethoven LPs that I just snagged off eBay.