New Interconnects and Cables from Cardas, MIT, and Wireworld

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New Interconnects and Cables from Cardas, MIT, and Wireworld

Wireworld Equinox 7 Interconnect and Speaker Cables

The Equinox is right smack in the middle of Wireworld’s extensive new Series 7 line of interconnect and speaker cable, which also encompasses HDMI, USB, coax/TosLink, and power cables. Priced at $200/meter pair (interconnect) and $870/3 meter pair (speaker cable), Equinox appears to be good value in a range that tops out at $3000 and $24,400 respectively.

Unlike MIT cables, there are no “magic boxes” to be found; instead, the Equinox is all about good quality materials and geometry. The conductors are of Ohno continuous-cast copper, and these are arranged to minimize inductance effects in what the company calls its DNA Helix configuration. Wireworld claims a side benefit of this is superior immunity to EMI and RFI noise. Indeed, the 7 interconnect displayed the best hum and noise rejection of the cables in this review.

The Equinox 7 interconnect is a particularly good value, being possessed of a pleasingly rounded and warm presentation not unlike the Cardas Clear Light but for less than one-third the price. The tremendously bulky and stiff Equinox 7 speaker cable was also very similar to the Cardas Clear Sky in sonics, but in this case the prices were similar as well. While the Equinox was easy and never fatiguing to listen to, the added warmth was not what my system needed. But in a hi-fi that’s a bit tilted forward towards the right of the frequency continuum, the Equinox 7 may be very welcome indeed.


Like choosing among mid-priced sedans from Honda, Nissan, or Toyota, it will be hard to go wrong with any of the cables reviewed here. This is really no surprise as Cardas, MIT, and Wireworld are “blue chip” companies that have been in this business for quite some time, and they know what they are doing. Yet there are sufficient differences in the sonic personalities of these components that I highly recommend a trial listen before committing to a purchase.


Cardas Clear Light Interconnect and Clear Sky Speaker Cables
$692 meter pair interconnect/$900 for three meter terminated pair speaker cable

Cardas Audio, Ltd
480 Eleventh Street, South East
Bandon, Oregon 97411
(541) 347-2484

MIT StyleLine SL 8 Interconnect and SL 9 Speaker Cables
$499 meter pair interconnect/$799 for eight foot terminated pair speaker cable

Music Interface Technologies
4130 Citrus Avenue, Suite 9
Rocklin, California 95765
(916) 625-0129

Wireworld Equinox 7 Interconnect and Speaker Cables
$200 meter pair interconnect/$870 for three meter terminated pair speaker cable

Wireworld , Inc.
6545 Nova Drive, Suite 204
Davie, Florida 33317
(954) 474-4464

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