New Interconnects and Cables from Cardas, MIT, and Wireworld

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New Interconnects and Cables from Cardas, MIT, and Wireworld

Cardas Clear Light Interconnect and Clear Sky Speaker Cables

There are two things to like about these Cardas cables even before you connect them up. The first is that they are proudly (any other adverb possible?) designed and made in the U.S.A.

The second is packaging, which is about as low-key and at the same time environmentally agreeable as you can get: a zip lock plastic bag and two-pieces-of-paper-worth of product info. I put the paper in the recycling bin and used the bags for sandwiches. Ok, maybe a brown paper bag would beat this, but really! All perfectly adequate to the purpose, and neither adds nor detracts from the inherent quality of the product itself. And, I think, a classy choice.

For the uninitiated, Cardas Audio is built on the philosophy of the supremacy of the “golden ratio” otherwise known simply as the irrational number 1.618 (in short form). It has been argued that this ratio accounts for the most pleasing aesthetics in art, architecture, and the human form. It is also suggested that it explains the growth patterns of some animals, including the nautilus shell, a cross-section of which is the corporate symbol of Cardas. I suppose George Cardas reasoned that if the golden ratio was good enough for art and nature, it should work a treat in cable-conductor geometry.

At $692 for a meter pair, the Clear Light is Cardas’ second priciest interconnect, but it’s still a huge step below the top-of-the-line Clear’s $1840 price tag, while the Clear Sky speaker cable, at $900 for a three-meter terminated pair, is fourth out of nine in the Cardas pecking order (the top-range Clear Beyond is priced at a cool $9884).

Just keeping things in perspective.

Aside from the packaging, the fat blue cables are suitably physically impressive, and yet the soft rubber casings made them very flexible and easy to dress.

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