New Bel Canto USB Link Converters

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New Bel Canto USB Link Converters

9/4/2012, Minneapolis MN - Bel Canto Design, Ltd., manufacturers of analog and digital source components, amplifiers and accessories, know that a huge number of audiophiles – tech-savvy and traditionalists – use computers as a primary music source and like all enthusiasts want the beyond-CD sound they’re capable of. Bel Canto makes it happen with three new Asynchronous USB Link Converters; the entry-level mLink, moving-on-up uLink, and top-of-the-line REFLink. These new USB Link Converters isolate the music signal – and clocks – from the harsh, noisy electrical environments of computers and music servers.  

The new Bel Canto Link Converters take the USB output of your computer and deliver ultra-low jitter S/PDIF for your favorite DAC… most likely a Bel Canto 3.5VB Mk II, 2.5 or 1.5! All three USB Link Converters feature native MAC USB 2.0 compatibility, a custom Windows USB 2.0 driver, and operate at 16- or 24-bits at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz on a proprietary 500MHz DSP Core.

It’s All About the Clocks

Asynchronous USB does one thing really, really well; decoupling the critical audio clock from the music data just as you find in the pro audio world. As a result the new USB Link Converters’ output noise and jitter is now entirely dependent on the quality of the clocks! Since the oscillators are now free-running and isolated from the incoming data stream the Low and Ultra-Low Phase-Noise Clocks now available make an astounding difference, turning the uLink and REFLink into essentially noise-free sources that... take the digital out of digital sound!

You have a TON of downloaded and ripped music on hard disk and you’re putting together a compact, economical audio system or trying to make the one you have sound better… a lot better. Bel Canto has you covered with the mLink USB converter. It uses Dual Low-Noise Clocks that are 10-to-100 times lower noise than typical oscillators! The compact mLink takes its power from the USB connection applying filtering and multiple dedicated supplies and outputs SPDIF on a BNC connector. Its compact dimensions make it easy to place and you’ll be agog at the difference for the better. Read more here!

uLink audiophiles are much like mLinkers but with somewhat better-developed and higher-resolution systems. As the clocks are isolated from the audio signal they control the sound and the uLink steps up with Dual Ultra-Low Phase-Noise Clocks, Ultra-Low defining the difference between the mLink and uLink’s clocks. The uLink’s oscillators are more costly and deliver even lower jitter and noise which enhances the Bel Canto Jaw-Dropping Effect! Your friends will come to see if you’re okay after it happens the first time.

The uLink also takes power from the USB connection so its compact dimensions make it easy to place. Like the mLink the power supply is filtered with multiple dedicated supplies. The uLink outputs SPDIF on a BNC connector and a ST Fiber Output compatible with the DAC3.5VB Mk II which sounds fantastic with a uLink and master-tape vivid with a REFLink! Read more here!

The REFLink, John Stronczer at his engineering best. Audiophiles are a savvy lot assembling sophisticated computer-based systems because of convenience... and better sound of course. REFLinkers have already ripped – or had ripped for them – a huge collection of music to external hard drives and probably use Audirvana Plus, Pure Music or Amarra with iTunes on a MAC or JRiver Media Center on a PC for bit-perfect playback.

The ST Fiber output is convenient for anyone with a Bel Canto 3.5VB Mk II or you can run SPDIF on BNC or AES/EBU to any other DAC for an experience you won’t forget! Immediate results, no waiting! The REFLink features Dual Ultra-Low Phase-Noise Clocks and on ST Fiber Optic achieves triple galvanic isolation.

The REFLink is a masterpiece of engineering in a full AC-powered e.One chassis using the same LNS (Low Noise Supply) as the DAC2.5. As lower noise allows clocks to dominate the sound, the LNS dramatically lowers line noise with multiple stages of isolated power that drive individual sections of the circuit. The output clocks and line-drivers are powered by a separate low-noise power supply. Read More Here!

Immediate Gratification!
The sonic impact of lowering noise to this degree is stunning; a highly organic analog-like presentation predominates. You’ll enjoy improved soundstaging and spatial positioning, fully-developed micro- and macro-dynamics that give music life, tighter, more controlled bass, a beguiling midrange and a sense of openness and air in the high frequencies that puts you in close contact with your music time and again!

Bel Canto’s music products are made in Minnesota and subscribe to low-impact production methods that put little waste back into the system. Reduced packaging volume and lower transport weight reduces environmental impact. Bel Canto reuses or recycles more than 99% of the packing materials found in incoming parts shipments, and each year diverts massive amounts of cardboard, paper, plastic film, and Styrofoam from landfills. Steel, aluminum, and other metal waste products are recycled and returned to the production stream.

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